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Announcing 2015 Products & Services!

We are proud to announce the sale of our new Excel Model Compared Viability of Diesel Airplanes for Flight Academies” ($99 US click here to order) and the 4th edition (since November 2013) of our semestrial report: The Future of Diesel Aviation – Report on the World Aero Diesel Arena” ($55 US click here to order). Both are offered for sale on, include access to current & future Premium Subscriber Benefits for a full year, and help support our mission to provide you with quality news content!

Please Read More below to find out about our 2015 product offerings and changes to our services in 2015!

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Discover our PowerPoint presentation and our services.

Order the updated PowerPoint copy (4th update since Nov. 13) of Andre’s presentation “The Future of Diesel Aviation” for $55 or purchase our new Excel Model  “Compared Viability of Diesel Airplanes for Flight Academies” for $99 now & receive a year’s membership to our premium services including access to all our full in-depth reports covering the background of our news.
  • What is the past of diesel in aviation
  • The history and future of making money with aircraft.
  • Who is the competition, with more details.
  • How will diesel shape the use of GA Aircraft and others, with new outlook on Air Cargo, UAVs, and commuters
  • Why the shift from Leaded AVGas  to diesel
  • Why diesel is the future of engines operating between 100 and 5,000 HP … and will have a future with fuels and aerodynamics of the next century!
  • How can diesel help your aviation business, and your business with aviation

Buy the presentation from our store for $55 US or purchase the Excel Model for $99 US.Either purchase will include a year’s membership to our premium features, including: access to all our full in-depth reports covering the background of our news.

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Classified Ads: Reach 80 countries

Subscribe to our newsletter to create a Classified Ad: extend the reach of your sales efforts for free. Our viewers are a targeted audience of FBO’s, pilots, aircraft owners, and diesel enthusiasts. Please allow us to provide an audience for your ad.

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DieselAir Research, Inc.

DieselAir Research, Inc.

In 1998, one diesel engine flew on a converted airplane for the first time since 1945. Today, close to 4,000 singles and twins are flying. This is the beginning of a worldwide trend which will eventually allow a rebirth of the piston-engined aircraft, around new specs and new missions.

DieselAir Research, Inc., the publisher of The DieselAir Newsletter, offers strategic intelligence services to the aircraft industry, its suppliers and its customers who ambition to benefit from this global change of paradigm which will mean new markets, new concepts, new services, new materials and components… You may be interested in our services if your firm designs and/or manufactures aircraft and components, aero engines, avionics, propellers and engine components, fuel systems or additives, advanced materials, or industry specific machinery for manufacturing of these; or provides aviation services such as fuel production or distribution; flight training, aircraft chartering, maintenance and operations (FBO’s); or airport management and design, traffic control, hangar, materials handling and storage equipment; or consulting and financial services for these industries; or advertising, sales promotion, trade shows, specialized publications.

To know more, send a confidential email inquiry to Dr. Eng. André Teissier-duCros at
or an SMS for a confidential phone conversation at