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  • What is the past of diesel in aviation
  • The history and future of making money with aircraft.
  • Who is the competition, with more details.
  • How will diesel shape the use of GA Aircraft and others, with new outlook on Air Cargo, UAVs, and commuters
  • Why the shift from Leaded AVGas  to diesel
  • Why diesel is the future of engines operating between 100 and 5,000 HP … and will have a future with fuels and aerodynamics of the next century!
  • How can diesel help your aviation business, and your business with aviation

Buy the presentation from our store for $55 US or purchase the Excel Model for $99 US.Either purchase will include a year’s membership to our premium features, including: access to all our full in-depth reports covering the background of our news.

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  1. The Excel Model “Compared Viability of Diesel Airplanes for Flight Academies” ($99 US) (viability being given through Net Cash Flow per airplane in the trainers fleet) answers the following questions:
    • Which are the certified diesel airplanes (manufacturer and model) available now for flight training.
    • What are their full Operating Costs (Amortization, Maintenance, Fuel, Instructor, etc.) depending on Number of Training Hours sold per year.
    • What these Operating Costs become when you input the actual Jetfuel and Avgas price in your country, the other costs (insurance, instructor, etc.), and the actual Number of Training Hours per year which your flight academy forecasts to sell.
  2. The PowerPoint presentation “The Future of Aviation” ($55 US) :Andre first gave the presentation as keynote speaker in November 2013, at the Annual Congress of the Diesel Technology Forum in Arlington VA. He continues to edit and expanded it to provide more comprehensive coverage.
  3. Either purchase will also provide you with a membership UserID and Password  providing access to all our full in-depth reports giving the background of some of our news, and other premium content as it becomes available.

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All these services concern anyone active in General Aviation products and services, beginning with flight training, airplane sales, rental and charter; in the air transportation industry, in the combustion engine, notably diesel and related industries, in the aerospace and related industries, in the defense industry, and concerns as well aircraft owners and pilots.


 Buy now from our store for $55 US.